Eyelash Extensions

Get treatment from someone you can trust. Eyelash Extensions are available in different lengths, curl and color giving you a natural or more dramatic look

Facial Treatment

NOVEMBER SPECIAL.. Pumpkin Latte  Or Cherry Blossom Facial

A wonderful way to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Tone your skin texture and overall appearance

Sea Salt Scrub

Lavender & Chamomile Sea Salt Back Scrub

What Is Your Skin Type

Important To Know Your Skin Type

The  Fitzpatrick scale is able to give a good understanding of where to start when it comes to skin care and treatments. It is used to determine potential reaction to products or treatment procedures. The scale helps to highlight potential irritation, pigmentation reaction and the level of how quick the skin will burn. Type I will have a greater tendency to have an irritation reaction but less post inflammatory pigmentation where as a Fitzpatrick skin

 type VI will be less likely to develop irritation but has higher risk of developing post inflammatory pigmentation and scaring

Skin Care Product

Skin Care Product Available

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