Sea Salt Scrub

Back Scrub

Sea salt lavender back scrub, Unclog Pores, Smooths, Hydrates and Exfoliates, removing dead dry, flaky skin promoting growth of healthy new skin cells. It encourages natural flow of circulation and has great calming and relaxing qualities. Scrub Includes: Cleansing, Scrub, Cooling Mask and Moisturizer $55 (This is not a Massage.) 

Acne Back Scrub available upon request $85

                                        Best not to bring small child to appointment

Lower Legs and Hand Scrub W/Paraffin Wax

Sea salt lavender scrub for lower Legs and hands scrub is great for exfoliating, removing flaky dry skin, regenerates new healthy cell. Great benefits in helping preventing ingrown hairs, softens dry scaling skin and encourages new cell to regenerate. Paraffin wax softens hands and it increases skin elasticity and blood flow, improving joint stiffness. This overall treatment leaves your legs and hands relaxed feeling soft, silky and smooth.

Scrub includes: Cleansing, Scrub, Paraffin wax for hands and Moisturizer $65 

(This is not a Massage)